About Adhesive Removal

An ideal adhesive is one that should allow to be removed without causing trauma to the wound and/or (surrounding) skin. Ideal adhesives are however impossible to make. First of all there is a wide biological variation in the levels of adhesion of the same product to normal skin of different people. In addition, there are factors that influence the level of adhesion to normal skin, like:

  • Sebum levels
  • Dryness
  • Sweating
  • Hair
  • The presence of residues of creams / ointments

Furthermore the strength of adhesion depends on many factors including the pressure used to attach. Dressings also have to take care of two different surfaces: the skin and the wound bed. Last but not least, different wounds require different wear time.

Commercial adhesives on the market today are great at staying attached to the skin, but often can do damage—such as skin tissue tearing—once it’s time to remove them. Removal of adhesives hurts and can result in stripping away the epidermal layer of the skin in both the wound and periwound areas!

LIMISAN is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and non-traumatic removal of all types of adhesives.

painless skin adhesive remover


Limisan is a painless plaster remover. Limisan is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and effective removal of all plasters, bandage, tape and adhesive residue.

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Limisan PRO

Limisan PRO is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and non-traumatic removal of medical adhesives, including bandage, dressings, tape, stoma and Continuous Glucose Monitors.

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Limisan SPORT

Limisan SPORT is a painless sports tape and physio tape remover. Limisan SPORT is very convenient and removes different kinds of tape easily and without any pain.

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