Where to buy

LIMISAN is available at selected pharmacies, drugstores, sports shops, medical care centers and retailers worldwide. For questions regarding LIMISAN products and availability in your country please contact your local distributor or mail to info@archymedical.com.

Where to buy Limisan


Limisan is a painless plaster remover. Limisan is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and effective removal of all plasters, bandage, tape and adhesive residue.

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Limisan PRO

Limisan PRO is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and non-traumatic removal of medical adhesives, including bandage, dressings, tape, stoma and Continuous Glucose Monitors.

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Limisan SPORT

Limisan SPORT is a painless sports tape and physio tape remover. Limisan SPORT is very convenient and removes different kinds of tape easily and without any pain.

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